MnTEdb, Morus notabilis transposable element database


Transposable elements (TEs) are the most abundant component of all characterized genomes. They are ubiquitous that often constitute a large proportion of their host genomes. More and more TEs have been found as times go. TEs have been suggested that they have a major impact on structural, functional, and evolutionary dynamic of its host genome. TEs can be classified into different types according to the transposon mechanism and the structural features.

This database is focused on the TE information in mulberry. A total of 5925 TEs have been identified. They can be classified into 13 superfamily, 1062 family. This database is a comprehensive and easy to use database for users. The goals of this database are helping researchers to fully and efficiently use the TE data of mulberry plants. It will be useful for the study of the origin, amplification, and evolutionary dynamic of TEs and the comparative analysis between different species.